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Convolutional Auto-encoder

Auto-encoder based Image-Similarity Engine

  • Builds a simple Convolutional Auto-encoder based Image similarity engine.

Convolutional Auto-encoder


Convolutional autoencoder consists of two parts, encoder and decoer.


  • CNN Encoder converts the given input image into an embedding representation of size (bs, c, h, w)
  • It contains of several CNN, RELU, MaxPool2d layers on top of each other.


  • CNN Decoder converts the image generated from Encoder back to the input image.
  • It consists of Conv2DTranspose layers, which is transposed convulation operation, helping to upsample the size.
  • Alternatively, it can also be made using Bilinear interpolation or Upsampling layer to upsample to orignal image size.


Auto-encoder combines both encoder and decoder to learn a feature representation of input images. Both the parameters are combined and trained with a single common loss function and optimizer.

The encoder layers give us a resultant latent representation of images through convolutional layers.